For this console, I wanted it to be a lot of things: serious to align with its original setting; playful and informal; really practical but also have a non-functional, formal and sculptural identity. Not much then…
This console alludes to meccano and how a mechanic stores his tools on his perforated wall board – the holes and dowel hooks allowing multiple arrangements to hang one’s tools. This playful customisation links to my Twyford shelving unit – both pieces allowing the user to choose their preferential layout.


It was initially commissioned for a residential, period buildings’ hallway that was full of original and ornate architectural features. It had something to spar against and so an unusual material and palette took shape by combining Purple Heart timber with perforated bronze and brass details. The zig zag steel substructure referenced a bedroom privacy screen. It was clad in the perforated bronze and as the drawers were arranged perpendicular to the hallway wall, they puncture the diagonal bronze screen, creating a little space behind to dump keys and nick racks. 

Final piece
I’ve endeavoured to keep this feeling of self-customisation with my console in the way the brass dog leads and bag hooks can be fixed into whatever perforations preferred. And then by simply turning these hooks 180 degrees they can be used as drawer knobs. Two umbrella holders with water catchers attach in a similar way.
Overall I’m hoping that the zig zag screen has this formal, sculptural quality whilst the practical and more functional additions lend it a more informal and playful characteristic. As ever Weber Industries helped me do this and produced a final piece with beautiful craftsmanship.

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